Knowledge Sharing

I truly believe in the democratisation of game development and besides always trying to push myself to learn more from the talented people around the industry – i am also always keen and happy to share what i’ve learned over the last decade of experience in the industry. Below you can find some of the resources i’ve created online. 

A Process for Establishing a Vision

As a lead designer at Sumo Digital, i’m involved in both upholding & establishing processes used by the design team. The slides below are from a lecture i’ve given a handful of times that illuminate the process I’ve used at Sumo to establish a vision across all phases of a project and provide a practical process for taking a vague idea, refining it and steering a team towards a cohesive vision.

2021-05-23 13_22_37-Window

Creativity & Game Design

One of my favourite topics to discuss is creative game design, i’m a big believer that we can teach ourselves to be creative. My perspective is that we can teach ourselves through targeted use of a diverse set of references, the application of artificial constraints and a standardised design process that staggers problem solving. Below you can find a handful of discussion resources on the topic of design.

2021-05-23 12_56_47-Window