About Me

Thanks for visiting my portfolio, i’m Joe Kinglake, a Lead Game Designer at Sumo Digital Ltd in Sheffield where I’m currently working on an unannounced AAA IP and most recently helped develop Sackboy: A Big Adventure. I have over a decade experience in AAA game development and another 4 years in mobile, alongside 3 years of formal education studying a BA hons in Video Game Design.

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I’m absolutely in love with game design, i enjoy making all kinds of games and recently have been sharing what i’ve learned over nearly a decade in the games industry through lectures, podcasts, hosting meetups and more. Find more information about my experience in the industry below and on my portfolio page


Side Quest – Creative Game Design
Twitch Lecture – May 2020
Sumo Digital – Ahead Partnership
Workshop as a part of Sumo Digital – October 2019
Interactive Futures – Game Design & Creativity as a Practical Skill
Lecture – January 2019
Codemotion Milan – Game Design & Creativity as a Practical Skill
Lecture – November 2018
Meetup – Wilmslow Game Development Meetup Group
Meetup group I established – 2017-2019
Global Game Jam – Game Jams & Your Career
Lecture – January 2018
Game Anglia – Global Game Jam 2018 coverage
Article – January 2018
Game Wisdom – How to Find Inspiration Designing Video Games
Podcast Guest – March 2018
Develop Magazine – Where are they now? Brains Eden feature
Article – June 2015
Eurogamer – The Walking Dead Game Jam chooses a winner
Article – January 2013
Skybound – The Walking Dead Game Jam pick
Article – January 2013