Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games | Amsterdam | Regular Game Designer

Initially i worked on Horizon: Zero Dawn as a part of a small prototyping team dedicated to establishing the core concept and design. As the team grew i took ownership of a number of player character features with special focus on the traversal and combat.

  • Initially part of the small scale prototype team that was responsible for creating the greenlight demo.
  • Owned the design of the player traversal systems through entire development cycle including: base movement, climbing, rappel and swimming.
  • Designed and balanced third person camera system for combat and traversal.
  • Designed, balanced and oversaw the implementation for melee combat.
  • Technical implementation of various traversal content
  • Created & upkept player traversal bible.
  • Liaising with level design team to ensure ease of us with traversal systems.
  • Created benchmark test level climbing areas to prove best use cases.
  • Designed contextual combat action system.
  • Ownership of the bow combat implementation and game feel.
  • Designed contextual player & character self-talk and animation system
  • Pitched the initial proposal for the Photo-Mode