Star Citizen: Squadron 42

CIG Foundry 42 | Manchester | Regular Game Designer

I spent the first half of my time at Foundry 42 as a part of the Squadron 42 team, this team was dedicated to making the singleplayer cinematic gameplay experience. My focus was on owning a number of major and minor levels and their gameplay features, primarily with a focus on in-ship combat and exploration. During this period the team was transitioning to using a new set of proprietary tools which i helped directly feedback, user-test and create test and best use cases for the design team.

  • Technical implementation of Ship & FPS AI encounters.
  • Setup and gameplay balancing of emergent and spectacle story moment ship-to-ship combat encounters.
  • Creative ownership of several major and minor levels, primarily with a focus on in-ship combat and exploration.
  • Liaising directly with level & discipline stakeholders to ensure consistency & quality across my owned content.
  • Mentoring junior designers on technical and creative setup of AI encounters.
  • Worked with the AI & Tools team to establish development pipelines, setting up use cases and feedbacking on proprietary AI technology.